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Happy New Year

Is it that time again? Is it time to make resolutions? I’m trying to remember the last time I made resolutions that lasted more than a week, or really that I even took that seriously. I used to, or at least I certainly did at least once. So, what do I resolve? What do I promise myself that this year will be better? What do I insist on changing, or making better? Where do I fail my own measure?

#1: Fitness – I know, I know. It is everyone’s perennial resolution, but this year I mean it. Really. It’s not a weight thing. I’m heavier now than I’ve been in a bit, but more than that, I am less fit, less conditioned. Since returning to medical school, and a schedule that is not particularly flexible or under my control, my ability to motivate myself to get to the gym has dwindled. At this point I wake up too early to work out before I start my day, and when I get home in the evening, I have trouble mustering up the energy. What is the solution? A goal without a plan is futile. Do I wake up earlier in the morning in order to workout before the start of the day? How early will that be? 3:30? 3 am? Is that what it takes? Or is the better plan to wait until the end of the day and drudge through it then? The morning seems like a wiser plan, but can I honestly say that I’m going to wake up that early? Really?

Resolution #2 will wait until tomorrow, but for a quick, and somewhat ironic preview, I’ll say that it involves writing more.

And on an unrelated preview, let me say that I’m planning to try sous vide at home, using a crock pot and zip lock bags. Look out world.

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