Things I Want

There are things that I think are important in life, things I value, and things I care about. These are special, unique, priceless, and indeed unpurchasable things. And there there are the toys. One of the problems that I have had in the age of online shopping is that the natural barriers to impulse buying–having to get up and go to the store–are almost completely removed. So, when something tickles the fancy, it is just a hop skip and a click away. And if, with properly vetted online research it becomes increasing clear that yes, it really is the perfect thing and there is no conscionable reason to delay getting it, even till dawn, then click there it is (I’m paraphrasing Tag Team here).

So, as a means of exercising my consumer demons, or more likely as an exercise in frustration, I am going to attempt to codify my wants in writing. The hope here is threefold: first, that by compiling a written record of my material desires I will be better able to gain perspective, and perhaps a handle, on my insatiable cravings for toys, secondly, that the production and existence of a written record will serve to undercut the immediacy of my urges, and thirdly that a generous and anonymous benefactor may attempt, on their death bed, to assuage their guilty conscience by purchasing the happiness of others (ah, Dickensian dreams). Mostly the first two though.



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3 responses to “Things I Want

  1. gv

    Unfortunately, no matter how frivolous your wish list is, I will certainly egg you on as the devil on your blog’s left shoulder.
    “Yes, you absolutely need at least three of those”
    “You deserve it, you’ve been working hard on reorganizing your cd collection.”

  2. gv

    By the way, I like the “currently reading/listening” thing. Cool.

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