Fantastic Idea #2873

Watching the pregame coverage for the Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints game this morning there was a human interest story about the city of New Orleans and their love of their football team. As part of their fan interviews there was a brief shot of a nun saying “I love our Saints.” How has this not caught on. Why aren’t their droves of fans showing up dressed in make-shift habits and frocks? Imagine the cut away shot of a fan section packed with priests and nuns? Irreverant, maybe, but the fans itching to get their faces on television aren’t the most reverant bunch.

Side note: Chris Daughtry singing the national anthem had the worst facial hair configuration in my modern memory. It was unnatural, deliberate and grotesque. And his soul patch looked like the triangular icon you might click on to reveal his pop-up menu of hideous pop-star outfits. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and presume his eyes were watering from the brisk wind.


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  1. Devin

    Man, but he rocked the anthem out of the park. Dude can sing. As to his appearance i dont notice those things man.,

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