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The end of an era

On Tuesday of last week, I defended my thesis. That is to say, I am now done with the longest chapter of my life. Six years. Longer than I’ve spent in any one place, any one school, any one endeavor of my life. Granted my need for movement and change was satiated during that time by relocation from Pasadena to Hollywood to Pasadena and then changing appartments twice more within this sallow city. But still. It’s been so long. It’s been so long and now I need to start thinking about medicine again.

How long has it been. To put it in the perspective of another educational timeframe, it’s like finishing college and trying to remember the details of 10th grade. Or getting to college and remembering the details of 6th grade. Maybe those are bad analogies. I suppose my point is that I’ve spent so much longer forgetting medicine than I did learning it, and that is a scary thought.

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