Triathlon Training – Week 3


Swim: 25 laps

I was planning to run today, really I was, but it was 95 degrees out and quite frankly I was a bit dehydrated. So… I swam, and even quit that earlier than I intended (I was planning on trying the mile distance). Oh, woe is me, woe is me. I need to start getting more rest.


There was more training that week: 12 mile bike ride on wednesday, 20 mile bike ride on Friday, 8 mile run on Saturday, 17 mile bike ride on Sunday. But, more importantly, I busted a gut, so to speak. I seem to have given myself a hernia, and must forgo training as I get it repaired. On the bright side, I hadn’t registered for the race yet, so at least I’m not out $100.



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2 responses to “Triathlon Training – Week 3

  1. Whoa! I’m glad you’re okay.

  2. Triathlon Training – Week 3 | Dylan\’s Outlet

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