Triathlon Training – Week 2


Run: 4 miles

Yesterday was a much needed rest day. Today was running and swimming but it ended up just being a run. The good news is that the first two ten minute blocks were practically all out sprints. And the last block I still had gas in the tank for a final dash.

So, good run, but I skipped out on the swim.


Bike: 16.5 miles

We lost at softball today. I don’t think it made me bike any faster, but it certainly made me bike angrier. My legs felt fatigued from the fast running of the day before. Probably good for muscle development in the long run, but didn’t help me feel supercharged on the ride or anything.

Part of the idea of writing this was to note any injuries, and I have been a little remiss in that. Since the weekend, or maybe even last Friday I have been worrying about the possibility of a hernia. It could possibly be a hernia or perhaps just a weak groin muscle (which I’ve definitely had before, I think. Maybe it was the begining of a hernia all along). In any case, I’ve taken to doing planks and bridges a couple of times a day to try and strengthen my abdominal wall either way. We’ll see where this goes. Surgery isn’t too bad, but it would probably mean I couldn’t do the triathlon.


Run: 6.25 miles

I just harven’t felt like swimming this week, which is trouble. My legs felt too tired to run fast today, so I thought I’d try running slower for a bit longer. There were a few moments when I felt like I would have been happier to stop and walk, but there was no point at which my legs quit on me, despite their overall, built-up fatigue. So, that’s a plus.


Bike: 22.5 miles

Lapped the Rose Bowl four times today, which may be a personal best for me. For the first time in a long time I actually felt fast on the bike. Part of that is probably that I was using my road bike, but also my legs felt good. They were tired, but they kept finding more and more push in them. Good workout.


An unscheduled day of rest. Woke up so tired yesterday, that I figured maybe I needed a break. Emily and I went for a bike ride, which was pretty slow and probably helped recovery, though who knows. I also lifted weights at home. Skipping the swims means that I’ve only been doing lower body workouts, which is unfortunate. Can’t keep doing that.


Bike: 13.5 miles

Marie-Helene was away for the weekend, as was Dal. Debrah went mountain biking in the morning. Doing workouts alone is a lot less motivating. I ended up puting it off for so long that I only had time for one Rose Bowl lap before softball. When working out alone, I should probably move it to the morning, first thing, so I don’t skimp.


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