Triathlon Training – Week 1


Run: 4 miles
Swim: 1000 yards

Yesterday Marie-Helene and I started training for the Bonelli Park Olympic Triathlon at the end of September. One mile of swimming, twenty-five miles on a bike, and then a six mile run. To put it another way… I’ve been feeling doughy lately.

So, after a couple of weeks of light running, we started doing scheduled workouts yesterday: 4 mile run and 1000 yards in the water. Not a bad start, all in all. It felt good, though I was ravenously hungry afterwards. Dal, Morgan, and Debra were there for the workout as well, though if past marathon training is any indication, their attendance will be intermittent.

Notes on the run: ran too fast and wasn’t able to keep up the pace. Morgan and Debra are faster runners than I am. I should work on my speed, but more importantly, I should be careful about pushing the pace too much and getting tired.

Notes on the swim: Marie-Helene is faster than I am. I’m unlikely to injure myself in the pool, and I bounce back quickly, so I might as well try and push myself. Particularly since its the end of the workout and the distances are short right now.


Bike: 10 miles

Today was our first biking workout, and my first significant ride on the new bike. The bike was very very comfortable, much more so than my road bike, so that was a plus. Marie-Helene and I are both going to have to learn how to ride properly, with higher pedal turnover and less stomping on the pedals. The rides are certainly a lot more fun with company. Ten miles went by pretty quick and painlessly. We’re going to have to push ourselves harder.


Run: 4 miles
Swim: 1000 yards

Another run, another swim, each faster than Tuesday. My legs felt heavy from the bike ride the day before and oddly, my obliques hurt. It mostly became aparent when I was lying on my back trying to turn over. It wasn’t like back pain, where the spasms feel like something is going to give, but they were spasms nonetheless. An odd feeling.

I finished the run strong, sprinting the last bits, which felt good and didn’t really fatigue me in the pool. The bigger issue was that I felt pretty tired all day. I may have to start a morning routine to get my blood flowing, lest I drag through my days.


Bike: 13.5 Miles

I’m worried we may be pushing ourselves a little hard this first week. It’s not so much that we’re working too hard, or doing too much, it’s just that every day we’ve been doing more disatance than we’ve scheduled. On the swims we decided to double the yardage and start our training at 1000 yards, and on the bike rides we upped eight miles to ten on Wednesday, and eight to thirteen today. Everyone seems to be responding well, and the issue isn’t that we’re getting overwhelmed now, but there is so little rest in the schedule that if we constantly maintain a mindset of doing more, or doing as much as we can, we may find our selves in a cycle were we never experience adequate recovery. It’s silly to worry about overtraining four days into the program, but still I wonder.

Otherwise, today’s ride was good, 13 miles, faster and stronger than the last, for the most part. There was a bit of equipment failure, as one of the cranks on my brand new bike loosened itself and worked it’s way off. That was a little distressing. It wasn’t easily repairable on the road, so I ended up pedaling home, the last three miles, more or less with one foot. That aside though, a good workout.


Run: 11 miles

The Long Run. Our loosely associated training group has been doing long runs for close to a year now. Last year, training for the LA marathon, we started slowly and worked our way up to tweny or so miles on Saturday mornings. When I know that I’m going that far, it’s easy to slow down and enjoy it, not push too hard for fear of running out of gas before getting home.

The thing about the training runs last year, was that there was always a bit of rest before them. The most we would ever train was Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then a long run on Saturday. So Saturday morning runs always followed a day off, a day of recovery. This week was the first long run I’ve done without recovery. My legs felt a little heavier. I still moved well, but it felt almost as if I were moving through something thicker than air but thinner than water.

And we ran on grass for about a third of the run yesterday, which was soft on the feet and joints, but much slower going, harder work. It was an interesting run, and more of a struggle than any 10 miler in my memory.

Note: Lately I’ve been getting insanely, pit-of-the stomach hungry about 40 minutes into my workouts. I need to figure out how to manage that better.


Bike: 13.5 Miles

The bike seemed easier yesterday, maybe because I was on a road bike instead of a mountain bike, but easier nonetheless. Well, the flats and the downhills were easier and faster. The mountain bike seems to be geared a bit better for going uphill.

After the fact, this morning, I’m very very tired. With the first week of training over, I’m glad for a day of rest.


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