Hello world!

Part of me always qualifies, always apologizes, always feels a little bit awkward and ashamed of this sort of thing. It’s not that I don’t like to perform, I do. It’s more that I don’t feel I necessarily merit the attention. There is so much drivel in the world, is it really right of contribute to the already overwhelming quantity of solipsistic reflection? No, probably not. But that’s what I’m going to do, in a very selfish and silly way. So, if you know me and you like me, you’ll probably think all of this is witty and charming and maybe even a bit entertaining. If you know me and don’t like me (I know who you are), this probably just confirms every bad thing you already think or feel and likely gives you further fuel and fodder for your vile hate (that’s right I’m talking to you). And if you don’t know me… well, I’m shocked you’re still reading this.


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One response to “Hello world!

  1. Hey Dylan-Emily!
    Just a shout out from one of your know-and-like crew. Merry New Year.

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